Build right, build confident

It’s an unfortunate fact that building disasters do happen. But for those contemplating building or renovations, incorporating some key measures into your plans should ensure a much better result.

Whether you’re simply adding another bedroom or building your dream home, you can take comfort that there’s a trusted and respected organisation to help. Listing one of its core aims as “making Australian building standards and regulations more acceptable to the industry and responsive to end user’s needs,” it makes sense to have the Master Builders Australia as your first port of call when searching for a quality builder.

Through their website you can verify whether your prospective builder is a registered master builder. To secure membership, builders must show a genuine interest in the integrity of the industry and prove they have the required skills and expertise to meet quality standards. You can search for a builder in your local area via the website. Once you’ve confirmed credibility through registration with Master Builders Australia, your next, and perhaps most important planning step, is to shop around and ask lots of questions. There are a number of things that need to be considered when sourcing a builder; one key suggestion is to make sure you tell each builder that you are getting other quotes – this will keep them on their toes. Some other important tips include:

  • Cheaper isn’t necessarily better, so back up quotes by speaking with previous clients or through obtaining testimonials; any builder worth their salt will feel comfortable giving you access to past clients.
  • Listen to your gut instincts and let them contribute to your final decision: will your project be a priority and will you feel comfortable having the builder around your home when you’re not about?
  • Some builders will also be better at certain types of jobs than others. Determine each builder’s specialisation and match that to your project.

By using these practical measures in your planning, you’ll be taking a big step forward to achieving peace of mind once construction gets underway.