Which Loan is best for you?

Your Home Loan Specialist can take you through a number of home loan options to find the one that best suits your lifestyle. This may be one of the following:


This type of loan is linked to a floating interest rate and provides high levels of convenience and flexibility to make additional lump sum payments. This effectively reduces the life of the loan, saving on interest payments and building up equity as a redraw facility to meet any unexpected future financial demands.


Fixed rate loans provide peace of mind if you are concerned interest rates may increase in the future. This type of loan is available on interest only, and principle and interest terms, to make budgeting easier by guaranteeing the repayments for a fixed term and providing protection from any future increases in interest rates for the term of the loan.


This type of loan is a line of credit facility that has a pre-set limit which you can draw from at any time. Equity Mortgage is interest only for five years with principle and interest repayments for the remainder of the agreed term. You have total control of your finances and the effective management of your Equity Mortgage account can save you interest costs.


A split loan can be used in two ways-to separate your investment loan from your home loan, (but remember payments must be made on both loans) or to fix a portion of your home loan and leave the other part variable. It’s a bit like an each way bet in case interest rates rise.